Guardtime, Estonian Gov Developing Blockchain System Securing Millions of Health Records

Guardtime, a data integrity provider, is helping the Estonian eHealth Foundation to develop blockchain-based security, transparency, auditability and governance of the healthcare records of millions of Estonians. Guardtime will also bring their Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) technology to all levels of Estonian eGovernment infrastructure through a frame cooperation agreement with the Estonian Information Systems Authority (RIA).

Estonia has been one of the most advanced countries in digitizing its public sector, where a majority of citizens carry a PKI smart card with access to over 1000 electronic government services.

The eHealth Foundation will integrate Guardtime’s KSI blockchain into its Oracle database engine, providing real-time visibility into the state of electronic systems and lifecycle management of patient records. KSI-instrumented records, based on hash function cryptography, will be mathematically irrefutable.

Margus Auväärt, Head of eHealth Foundation, commented:

“The unparalleled scale and frequency of the KSI blockchain give us the capability to maintain continuous real-time situational awareness into the integrity state of assets under our control. It enables us to react to any incidents immediately, before potentially larger-scale damages can occur.”

The Estonian government and Guardtime apparently began a formal cooperation in 2011, when select government organizations started deploying KSI blockchain to secure both public and internal records and logs to combat insider threat and indemnify the information systems operators. Under the new frame agreement, RIA will make KSI blockchain available for all government authorities through the RIA-s X-road data exchange platform and increase investment in its existing blockchain competence center to better support public sector KSI implementations.

Taimar Peterkop, the Director General of Estonian Information Systems Authority added:

“You cannot make mistakes, and solely relying on perimeter security and goodwill of the insiders would be inexcusably naive. We need independent integrity instrumentation, both for the data, as well as for our systems, and the blockchain technology has a lot to give here.”

Estonia is the first government in the world to have embraced the blockchain technology in its live production systems for ensuring the integrity of the records, logs and systems. Guardtime says its KSI blockchain has been continuously running since April 2008, and is purpose-built for massive-scale integrity instrumentation of any type of data at rest.