Elevate Security Releases Snapshot, Delivering CISOs and Employees Unprecedented Visibility and Insight into Security Behavior and Risk

Latest Addition to the Elevate Security Behavior Platform Measures and Rewards Employees For Doing the Right Things to Help Secure the Organization

Berkeley CA, November 6, 2018 — Elevate Security, the leader in delivering People Powered Security, today released Elevate Snapshot, the first product in the industry to deliver comprehensive visibility to individual employees and security teams on the state of employee security readiness and behavior. Snapshot works hand-in-hand with the Elevate Hacker’s Mind offering to engage, motivate, measure and reward employees for doing the right things. Unlike traditional security awareness solutions that deliver one-size-fits-all content and very little visibility into actual behavior, Elevate delivers personalized, engaging training and extensive behavioral measurement with individualized feedback and reporting.

According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 93% of all breaches are the result of attacks targeting people — namely, your employees. Traditional security awareness training has not reduced this risk, and new approaches are needed that motivate, enable and reward employees for making good decisions.

“Employees tell us they feel ‘uncomfortably numb’ when it comes to helping to protect their organizations from security risks,” said Robert Fly, CEO and co-founder of Elevate. “They want to do the right thing, but they are overwhelmed by information and unsure as to what matters and what to do. We have to take a different approach.”

The Gartner Group June 2015 report entitled, Effective Security Awareness Starts With
Defined Objectives states, “When attempts are made to justify continued investment in awareness or to measure the impact of existing awareness activities, security managers scramble to retrofit objectives onto the program and deduce relevant measurements. The end result is a costly, unproven awareness program based on tradition, personal judgment and whim. This approach is not tolerated in any other phase of IT security operations and should not be tolerated in the realm of security awareness.”

Elevate Snapshot integrates information from existing systems and processes to understand and measure employee behavior over time. Snapshot presents summary and detailed reports to IT Security teams to show them strengths, successes and areas for improvement. Snapshot also sends periodic emails to employees so they can see how they are doing compared to their peers, what rewards they have earned for their good actions and areas where they may need to improve. Snapshot works together with Elevate Hacker’s Mind to increase the employee detection and reporting of attacks by 5x or more.

“We realized early on in our time as practitioners that the industry had it wrong; we were treating employees like they were the risk, when what we needed to do is treat them like partners who can help us win the fight,” said Masha Sedova, chief product officer and Co-Founder of Elevate. “We’ve taken that insight and applied the latest advances in behavioral and data science to the area of employee awareness and risk to further our goal of turning every employee into a security superhero.”

Elevate customer James Hong, of Autodesk concurred: Simply sending more content to employees just wasn’t moving the needle on risk. Elevate is helping us change the game and take our program beyond awareness to readiness that provides a greater impact to reducing risks. Snapshot will give us and our employees the visibility and insight to know how we are doing and accelerate our journey to employee-centric risk reduction.

Elevate Snapshot is available immediately for both existing and new Elevate customers. More information on Snapshot can be found at elevatesecurity.com/snapshot.

About Elevate Security
Elevate, the Security Behavior Company, develops, sells and supports the industry’s first fully integrated Security Behavior Platform. Leveraging decades of experience and insight into Employee Security Awareness Programs, Elevate Snapshot and Hacker’s Mind work together to motivate, measure and reward the right employee actions and outcomes while at the same time providing visibility and insight to management into employee behavior and risk. Elevate delivers People Powered Security, increasing employee detection and reporting of attacks targeting them by 5x or more*. Elevate, backed by Costanoa Ventures and Webb Investments Network, is headquartered in Berkeley California and is currently hiring. To learn more, please visit www.elevatesecurity.com.

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