DriveLock Launches Cloud-Based Managed Endpoint Protection

DriveLock’s Endpoint Protection Platform with artificial intelligence is now available as a cloud service

Pleasanton, California, 11 April 2018 – DriveLock SE, a leading global provider of IT and data security, announced today that its Endpoint Protection Platform with artificial intelligence is now available as a cloud-based service. The company has continued development on its DriveLock Managed Endpoint Protection solution, which now includes new intelligent modules Smart AppGuard and Smart DeviceControl. DriveLock protects systems and devices proactively, in a cost-effective manner and most importantly in real time against cyber-threats.

DriveLock Managed Endpoint Protection gives companies a highly scalable security solution that they can tailor to their requirements. The DriveLock solution, whether on-premise or cloud-based, complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and multiple regulatory requirements via its individual configuration options. The cloud service is hosted on Microsoft Azure and facilitates compliance with country-specific regulations. In addition, users always have the latest version of the security profiles, as DriveLock continually adapts these to the current threat landscape. DriveLock security specialists are available around the clock and can provide regular compliance audits to ensure the highest level of security with no back doors. With this support, DriveLock takes on the administrative work at a reasonable cost. In this way, companies can invest their time and resources in strategic projects without worrying about security vulnerabilities or software updates.

Endpoint Protection for Industrial IoT
DriveLock Managed Endpoint Protection also provides protection in real time without compromising performance, a decisive advantage in the manufacturing field. In addition, DriveLock supports common systems, including embedded OS and Windows XP. This is an important consideration for production systems, as a very large number of end devices are still running the obsolete Windows XP operating system. Running legacy operating systems is a security risk with patches and updates no longer being made available. 
In an era of increasingly complex cyber-threats, it is especially important that security solutions keep pace and undergo ongoing development. With smart modules that include artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, DriveLock Managed Endpoint Protection gives companies effective and extensive protection for their Industrial Internet of Things production systems as well as for their employees’ work computers.

Smart modules for the highest level of security
DriveLock Smart AppGuard is the latest development in the German company’s Endpoint Protection portfolio. It includes a predictive whitelisting capability, which ensures that users can only execute programs that are known or already installed. In addition, every application must pass the highly complex testing process based on 50 machine learning algorithms.

The solution tests the security of updates to known programs to protect users from hidden malware. These extensive controls block the execution of zero-day exploits and the misuse of security vulnerabilities. Using machine learning, the DriveLock solution autonomously learns which applications can be updated without undergoing additional approval processes. This significantly reduces the administrative effort involved. The intelligent functions also deliver prognoses concerning the security situation, enabling security officers to take necessary mitigation measures instantaneously. Combined with Smart DeviceControl, DriveLock builds a multi-layered security system that effectively protects companies’ data and infrastructures from external or internal attacks, even those using bad USB devices. 

“Many companies want to minimize the time and effort involved in their IT security,” says Anton Kreuzer, CEO of DriveLock SE. “With Managed Endpoint Protection, all the administrative work is on DriveLock’s side, but the solution can still be tailored to users’ needs. That enables companies to focus completely on their core business.” He adds: “Ideally, cyber-security should always be a step ahead of the threats – and that’s our highest priority. With the addition of machine learning and artificial intelligence, our ongoing development has taken a huge step forward. This enables us to provide modern protection against the backdrop of an increasingly complex threat situation.”

About DriveLock SE
DriveLock SE, is headquartered in Munich, Germany with offices in Pleasanton, California, USA and Sydney, Australia and has become one of the leading Endpoint Protection Platform software vendors over the past 15 years. The Endpoint Protection Platform from DriveLock is particularly strong when used in the extremely granular environment of Device Control for USB protection, as well as for the encryption of hard disks, SSD’s or USB memory devices. Applications and their associated devices can be comprehensively protected with the Smart AppGuard based on integrated Artificial Intelligence with Predictive Whitelisting and Machine Learning functionality. DriveLock supports various operating systems, devices, and is available as a hybrid solution either on-premise or from the cloud.