DatumSec to Help Credit Unions Tackle Vendor Risk Management During Credit Union InfoSecurity Conference

DatumSec third-party risk expert to emcee the event and discuss risk baselines and vendor risk scoring with credit union executives, system administrators and security practitioners

 ALTADENA, CA – June 7, 2016 – DatumSec (www.DatumSec.com), the leading third-party risk-assessment and scoring company, today announced that vice president of business development Michael Schell will emcee this year’s Credit Union (CU) InfoSecurity Conference. The DatumSec team will lead the audience through a number of topics and sessions during the three-day conference and will demonstrate its recently launched Vendor Risk Manager Dashboard. The 14th Annual CU InfoSecurity Conference is scheduled to take place June 15 – 17 at the beautiful Le Meridien in New Orleans.

Third-Party Supply Chain Risk Is Real and Growing

From payment processors to merchant service providers and traditional brick-and-mortar retail shops that utilize CU-issued credit and debit cards, organizations around the world—including credit unions—are using third-party vendors as part of their supply chain to conduct business. The more services credit unions offer their members, the more likely they are to utilize third-party vendors to deliver those services; it’s how business scales. However, with each new vendor comes complexity around access controls and data sharing, which adds risk to the systems and information that credit union members expect their credit unions to protect.

In addition to serving as emcee for the conference, Schell is the event organizer and a regular host for Innovate Pasadena’s information security meet-ups. Schell is a former US Army active duty veteran and has multiple years of experience as a former cyber security practitioner, consultant and leader.

“We know how hard it is to identify the risks associated with doing business and sharing data with third-party vendors,” says Schell. “It’s no longer acceptable to only evaluate and audit the relationships of the top few vendors that pose what appears to be the greatest risk—oftentimes it’s the small vendors that have the lowest security posture and actually pose the greatest risk.”

Security Best Practices Apply to Third-Party Vendors Too

The CU InfoSecurity Conference has been home to some of the best speakers from around the world, each sharing their knowledge and expertise with credit union executives, managers, administrators and practitioners responsible for securing their members’ information. The key topics as this year’s conference are no different:

-          Credential management

-          Access control management

-          CIS security controls

-          Data sharing

-          Next-gen endpoint protection

-          Threat intelligence sharing

The common thread through all of these topics is that credit unions must manage their own environments to reach a high-level security posture. They also need to gain views into how their business partners’ security postures stack up against the defined baseline and against each other.

“Information gathering and sharing is critical to security—the challenges are so complex, however, that we need all the help our colleagues can provide,” says Steve Reich, chief partnership officer at Malauzai Software, a software firm dedicated to developing mobile and Internet banking solutions for community financial institutions. “The CU InfoSec Conference is a great opportunity to not only hear key speakers, but also connect with peers from around the industry.”

With the DatumSec Vendor Risk Manager Dashboard, a credit union can compare each vendor’s risk baseline with other vendors the credit union works with. Similarly, vendors participating in the program can see where they stand compared to their peers.

To learn more about how the Vendor Risk Manager Dashboard helps credit unions view their vendor risk, visit www.datumsec.com/third-party-risk-assessment-solution.

The DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program helps organizations take on the challenge of assessing more of their vendors by providing a scalable, cloud-based, third-party risk-assessment program and by giving organizations a centralized risk view across all of their business relationships. The ultimate goal of the program is to promote an increase in security posture up-and down the supply chain.

About DatumSec (www.DatumSec.com
DatumSec operates under a single premise: offer a scalable, measurable and repeatable approach to the vendor risk-assessment process so that organizations gain the ability to reduce their third-party risk. With a team of dedicated professionals from security powerhouses like Symantec, Yahoo and Arbor Networks, DatumSec specializes in providing third-party vendor risk-assessment solutions. Whether a company relies on thousands of vendors or is one of those thousands of vendors, DatumSec brings efficiency to their risk-assessment programs.