DatumSec Discusses Cyber Risk at Innovate Pasadena Cybersecurity Meetup

PASADENA, CA — FEBRUARY 8, 2016 — This year’s Innovate Pasadena Cybersecurity Meetup will take place on Wednesday Feb 10, 2016 at Guidance Software’s offices located at 1055 E Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA. Guidance Software, and co-sponsor DatumSec, are pleased to welcome a distinguished panel of healthcare and cybersecurity experts prepared to discuss the implications of data breaches, cyber attacks, security threats, and third-party risk. Attend this meetup to discuss and learn what these implications mean from a compliance and risk management standpoint. This gathering promises to not hold back any punches on the fight against cybercrime in the healthcare sector.

"Global IT spending on Cybersecurity is at an all-time high—this is a problem that faces all industries that capture and store PII, particularly Healthcare," said Michael Harris, CMO at Guidance Software. "I'm looking forward to a deep dive on these topics from some of the top minds in the cybersecurity and healthcare sectors.”

On the agenda are questions and talking points such as:

Compliance vs Security, what does that mean?
Security technologies/services for medical devices…an overview
Insecure medical devices and their impact
510k FDA testing for medical devices, does that help?
…. And much, much more
"Once again, the higher average cost for organizations with fewer seats reinforces that smaller companies are less prepared for an attack,” said Harry Wan Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at DatumSec. “You may think this is fine if you assume it's only their own data that they are losing. However, chances are it's not just their data—your data may be lost with their data as well," Wan adds.

Expert panelists include:

Steve Abdelmalek | Kaiser Permanente | Director of Technology Risk Office
Kyle Gililland | Huntington Hospital | Director of Information Security
Nardo Manaloto | Healthcare Innovator
Representatives from the sponsors will also be on-hand:

Michael Harris | Guidance Software | Chief Marketing Officer
Harry Wan | DatumSec | Chief Technology Officer
Michael Schell | DatumSec | Third-Party Risk Expert
Spaces are limited to 100 people so please register and reserve your seat early.

Registration and the full agenda is available at http://www.meetup.com/Innovate-Pasadena-Cybersecurity-Meetup/