Datum Security Announces New Board of Advisors

ALTADENA, CA – May 9, 2016 – DatumSec (www.DatumSec.com), the leading third-party risk assessment and scoring company, announced today that five industry experts have joined together to create the company’s new board of advisors: Ron S. Chandler, Munya Kanaventi, Gary Landau, Demetrios (Laz) Lazarikos, and George Viegas. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in security management, risk management and vendor management, the new advisors were chosen to help DatumSec navigate and capitalize on the rapidly-emerging opportunity to help organizations identify and reduce the cyber risk of conducting business with third-party vendors.

The new board comprises the following members:    

  • Ron S. Chandler, Chief Information Officer at UCLA Anderson School of Management and  former Chief Information Officer at the Los Angeles Unified School District.
  • Munya Kanaventi, Senior Director of Information Security Management at Sony DADC New Media Solutions and Board Member at the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA).
  • Gary Landau, Founding Board Member and Past President of the Cloud Security Alliance LA Chapter and former Vice President of IT and Security for Wilshire Associates.
  • Demetrios (Laz) Lazarikos, IT Security Researcher, Visionary, and Chief Information Security Officer for vArmour Networks.
  • George Viegas, Information Security Officer at Chapman University and former Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Farmers and Merchants Bank of Long Beach.

"Responsible organizations vet their third-party providers when they initiate service—yet even the best organizations struggle to re-assess all of their providers annually,” said Landau. “This reality is why the number of security incidents attributed to third-party providers continues to climb and why we believe DatumSec has identified a unique opportunity to provide ongoing, inside-out assessments that can scale to tens of thousands of providers."

Bringing diverse backgrounds in both the commercial and public sectors, the board will advise DatumSec on key business matters across core aspects of the business, helping to further solidify DatumSec as the premier source for third-party risk assessments for vendors of all sizes—especially those with limited staff and cybersecurity expertise. This group of advisors all share in the same goal: moving beyond questionnaires to give vendors an automated assessment program to elevate their business relationships with a provable, repeatable risk-management practice.

“Our newly-appointed group of advisors brings a diverse range of perspective, experience and expertise to our growing business,” said Jonathan Niednagel, CEO and co-founder of DatumSec. “Collectively, our advisors share a common trait of having stellar careers that put them at the top of their respective fields—where they touch a number of industries ripe for scalable third-party risk reduction throughout their vendor supply chain.”

The DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program helps organizations take on the challenge of assessing more of their vendors by providing a scalable, cloud-based, third-party risk assessment program and giving organizations a centralized risk view across all of their business relationships.

"DatumSec is leading the industry in bringing a universally-understood vendor risk score that extends far beyond the current checkbox model commonly in use,” said Kanaventi. “The Vendor Assessment Program provides validated and accurate scoring of a vendor’s potential cyber risk, allowing organizations to make better risk treatment decisions when third parties are involved."

With the DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program, organizations of all shapes and sizes can compare each vendor’s risk baseline with the other vendors they work with. Similarly, vendors can see where they stand compared to their peers. Both activities promote an increase in the security posture up-and down the supply chain.