CyKick Labs Comes Out of Stealth & Reveals New Approach to Web Security


Telepath Stops Cybercrime and Fraud with Behavioral Analytics and Machine Learning

Tel Aviv, Israel – February 13, 2017 – CyKick Labs Ltd. reveals itself and its behavioral analytics-based web application security technology. CyKick Labs’ premier solution, Telepath, uses big data and proprietary machine-learning algorithms to protect web applications against exploitation by individuals and bots alike. 

With Telepath, cyber security teams get early and actionable intelligence on emerging threats and comprehensive forensics capabilities, as well as insight into sophisticated attacks.

Telepath stops fraud by understanding normative site visitor behavior, inspecting enterprise web application transactions non-intrusively. It employs a hybrid approach based on rules and machine learning to identify suspect behavior. The solution protects web applications from multiple threats such as industrial espionage information theft, account takeover, service disruption, business logic abuse and insider threats. Its bot-stopping power reduces bandwidth by more than 60%.

“Web application attacks demand a more innovative technical approach than what legacy rules-based systems can offer,” said Raviv Raz, founder and CTO of CyKick Labs. “We have focused heavily on refining our proprietary machine-learning algorithms on live traffic in continuous development cycles, creating a more robust approach to web application security.”

CyKick Labs takes a different approach to web application security than its competitors by working at “layer 8,” understanding application logic based on learning normal behaviors, giving it the ability to analyze all transactions to find mischief and fraud and empowering the cybersecurity team by providing situational awareness and enabling investigators to create rules and track cases based on business actions.

“Businesses need Telepath to protect their web applications, which are, after all, the gateways to the entire organization,” said David Sokolic, CEO of CyKick Labs. “CEOs demand ROI from their security solutions. Telepath delvers on day one.”

CyKick will showcase TelePath at the RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco at the Early Stage Expo, Booth ESE #31. 

About CyKick Labs 

CyKick Labs develops solutions to defend major organizations against web application attacks. Its premier product, Telepath, employs web behavioral analysis powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and big data analytics to identify, mitigate, and investigate fraud, hacking and other malicious abuses of web applications. Telepath is the commercialization of a cybersecurity research project developed co-operatively with leading public - and private-sector institutions.