Cybersponse Enhances Its Security Operations Platform With Customizable Navigation And Advanced Asset Graphs

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – CyberSponse, Inc., a leader in cybersecurity management and incident response (IR) software technology, announces the release of version 3.1.28 of its CyberSponse Security Operations Platform (CSOP). CSOP is a scalable and innovative software platform that empowers operations and incident response teams to proactively identify and neutralize cybersecurity threats quickly.

CSOP v3.1.28 is an important update to the flagship platform. With ever-increasing cyber threats faced by companies today, continued innovation in defense of and in response to these incidents is essential. The volume, complexity and variety of threats can overwhelm uncoordinated security operations teams. "This release contains both new and improved features, functionality and significant UI enhancements. They are designed to make users more efficient and will be intuitive to a mature incident response team," said Joseph Loomis, Founder & CEO.

New UI elements streamlining the user experience include a customizable main navigation bar that allows teams to tailor the system to how they want to work. This includes the ability to add and group modules, and to expand or collapse navigation views.

Asset graphs now show relationships among infrastructure and incidents within the system in an intuitive, visual format. From the graph, users can change focus or drill-down into details about elements in the network, including active incidents, events, and tasks. This improvement in efficiency allows for enhanced productivity and time to action – vital during a cyber incident.

Teams authenticating to CSOP with LDAP or Active Directory will benefit from new recovery features. When LDAP is compromised or unavailable, some systems are unreachable. CSOP remains available in failover mode, allowing users to authenticate locally and use the same preferences and security settings while responding to any open incidents. When LDAP systems recover, CSOP can return to operating normally without disruption.

In addition, the innovative vulnerability management system has been upgraded to provide even more scalability on the server side and new front-end UI tools and controls. Vulnerability scans often contain millions of records across thousands of servers, and CSOP can ingest and correlate the information within minutes, cutting the time to action on critical infrastructure. From the interactive UI, team members can start, view, and report on vulnerability scans.

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Founded in 2011, CyberSponse is a leading provider of automated incident response (IR) solutions. CyberSponse Security Operations Platform (CSOP) helps companies prevent the destruction of their brand and the financial losses of data breaches by providing advanced IR automation solutions. Designed for security teams of any size, CSOP allows secure communication and coordination across the entire organization while automating both prevention and response to incidents. CyberSponse customers are prominent companies in various sectors including financial services, retail, energy, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, and all levels of government. CyberSponse Offices are located in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information, please visit