Armorway Is Now 'Avata Intelligence'

AI Innovator Refocuses on Artificial Intelligence beyond Security Domain

Avata Intelligence, a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, today announced that the company has officially changed its name from Armorway. The name change reflects the intelligence behind its award-winning AI platform and growing use in analyzing and recommending actions for optimal outcomes. Applications of the platform have expanded to include such diverse areas as public safety & infrastructure, defense, healthcare, global awareness and social impact.

Avata Intelligence's patented AI platform delivers descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics combined with AI techniques such as machine learning. It helps enterprises of all sizes dynamically understand and react to critical challenges by implementing effective solutions for the problems faced. In one example of the multi-faceted AI platform, organizations can gain contextual analysis of incoming social media posts by harnessing the Avata natural language processor. In an alternative example, RSS feeds are filtered through a machine learning process to only present organizations with material relevant to their objectives.

Avata's platform is the brainchild of researchers from the University of Southern California; company co-founder Zareh Baghdasarian, a serial high-tech entrepreneur who serves as CEO; and noted researcher Milind Tambe, Avata's Chief Research Officer. Dr. Tambe will be presenting at the Bloomberg Government event "Data Revolution: How AI and Machine Learning Are Remaking Our World", on August 25 in San Francisco.

"Our AI platform has the ability to provide the highest degree of intelligence by analyzing available data when emerging uncertainties surpass limited resources," said Avata Intelligence's CEO and co-founder Zareh Baghdasarian. "When an organization has true clarity about the resources in an environment and how they should be utilized, decision making and operational efficiency vastly improve."

Company co-founder and Chief Research Officer Milind Tambe added, "The name Avata Intelligence better communicates the 360-degree perspective behind our pioneering and award-winning technology."

"Avata" translates to "open" in Finnish and conveys the pathways for intelligence that its platform provides for problem solving based on the behavior patterns and dynamics of a given environment.

About Avata Intelligence
Headquartered in Venice, California, Avata Intelligence was founded in 2013 and develops products that bridge the gap between data and decisions, as well as human intuition and machine intelligence. The core technology was developed in partnership with the University of Southern California through grants from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and the US Army Research Office. Investors include Aristos Ventures, private angel investors and investment from serial entrepreneurs, founders and executives from several high tech companies.