Ardaco Releases Enhanced Version of Their Mobile Secure Comms Platform – Silentel

“Today Ardaco, the creators and operator of Silentel, released a new, enhanced version of their ‘military grade’ encrypted mobile communications platform.   
Silentel 6.5 builds on the popularity of the current version which is widely recognised as providing a smarter and simpler way for organisations to manage their secure communications. Unlike most mobile communication solutions Silentel offers proven end-to-end security verified by several independent certifications and NATO approvals.
Silentel 6.5 enhances current functionality with;
•    Automatic wake-up of the Silentel app by incoming events such as calls and messages resulting in faster connectivity once the user securely logs on
•    Improved and optimized Silentel Certification Authority with new user-interface and database engine
•    Silentel for iOS: Simplified Chinese language support
•    Silentel for Android/BlackBerry: Aliases for Contacts
•    Silentel for Android/BlackBerry: Simplified Chinese and Portuguese language support
The automatic wake-up feature will ensure that the user is always available in Silentel and also significantly increases battery life especially on Android devices. User privacy is further increased with the Alias-feature which makes it possible to totally remove the link between the users’ identities and the Silentel contact list.
Additionally Ardaco have launched Silentel Studio, an exciting new web-based interface which gives the Silentel client’s ‘super user’ instant and intuitive management of their Silentel account.   
Functionality includes;
•    The ability to create, edit or remove users enabling dynamic organisations to ensure their secure communication requirements match a changing workforce.
•    Manage the users’ contact list ensuring efficient contact groups and short-term project groups are easy to create and populate from the centre.
•    Create separate closed communication groups
•    View usage statistics to ensure secure communication protocols are being followed throughout the organisation.
Commenting on this latest version release Tomas Kucharik, CEO of Ardaco said “At Ardaco we believe strongly in both continuous improvement and responding to the changing needs of our customers.  Our philosophy of delivering the highest standards of encrypted communications in an accessible, easy to use, format is at the heart of the enhancements within Silentel 6.5”

Silentel is a comprehensive mobile communication security solution based around a secure server located based with either the client or at a secure Aradco facility.
Silentel can be implemented in a few hours giving the users the ability to talk, message, chat and group chat, send images, documents and any other files securely.   Even the users Silentel contact list is held ‘off device’ and is only available when Silentel is running, loaded and password accessed.
In summary Silent offers:  Proven military grade end to end communication security, the only certified cross platform solution, easy and efficient to deploy and operate from a few to thousands of users and allows effective business communication which is secure and free from clutter
Ardaco provides the most comprehensive and technologically superior secure communication and data solutions. Addressing the exact needs of an organisation, delivering effective and proven safeguards against the growing cyber threat.
We have customer and partners in over twenty countries worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and North & South America ranging from new enterprises to national governments.