AKIPS enjoys great success at RSA


San Francisco, CA, USA – February 15th 2017 – AKIPS Network Monitor provides total network visibility to provide real time situational awareness of everything happening on your network.

AKIPS is an integrated suite of tools inclusive of: Ping / SNMP monitoring; Netflow; Syslog; SNMP Traps; Alerting; Availability; Configurable Dashboards; Scheduled Reporting; Forwarding / Fanout - Netflow / Syslog / Traps; Infrastructure usage; MAC / IP address
locator; Site specific integration; API integration, Auto discovery and grouping.

Exhibiting this week at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, the industry’s leading global information security event, AKIPS Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Nick Frampton stated: “organizations face an unprecedented threat environment with sophisticated, targeted
attacks placing a multitude of security risks upon them. Whether it be advanced persistent threats (APTs), distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, zero-day exploits, SQL injections, phishing, not to mention insider threats, all these potential threats
lead to CIOs wanting to protect their sensitive data on internal systems and customers confidential data.”

Network monitoring is key to ensure that any activity indicating one of these attacks in progress is noticed, alerted and acted upon. The network protocol data resolution that

AKIPS stores, in one minute intervals, is extremely important for enterprises in being pro-active about network activity that indicates an imminent breach. The syslog collection of AKIPS is also extremely useful for the security team to record the source of
any unusual network traffic connections, post breach.

AKIPS provides an unprecedented view of organizational activity across your IT infrastructure. With multi-vendor monitoring across both wired and wireless network devices, complete with geo-tagging capability. CIOs will appreciate the use of encrypted protocols
such as SNMPv3, while future-proofing their network with full IPv6 compliance.

AKIPS CEO Paul Koch adds, “No other NMS vendor comes within the same ball park for scale, performance, features and ease of use. Network and security engineers would do themselves a favor by visiting our website and downloading a free evaluation copy to demonstrate
the true power and capabilities of this modern monitoring suite.”

AKIPS empowers IT network engineers, across all industries, with the network visibility to allow them to be better equipped to investigate, troubleshoot and fix performance issues. With training bundled in an annual subscription, AKIPS increases the value engineers
deliver to their organization.

AKIPS is an innovative Australian company which engineers, designs and develops network monitoring software focused on user experience, speed, and scalability. AKIPS runs from a single virtual machine on customer premises, automatically discovers wired and
wireless networks, identifying and monitoring vital metrics out-of-the-box for a hassle free deployment, using SNMPv3, IPv6, syslog, NetFlow/IPFIX, and more.

AKIPS are located at stand number S2722. Come past and say G’day!