Cyber Security World 2017 | June 28-29, 2017

Magnolia Hotel Denver | Denver, Co | USA


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Cyber Security World 2017 | June 28-29, 2017

Magnolia Hotel Denver Denver, CO

In today's highly interconnected and digital world, organizations need to address the underlying vulnerabilities introduced by insecurely architected systems. We are more vulnerable than ever before, particularly as it relates to our nation's critical infrastructure.

Cyber Security World will cover topics including infrastructure securitycritical controlssecurity regulations and frameworks that can be applied to an organization's security toolset, and greater public-private sector collaboration that will allow security practitioners to make advancements against malicious adversaries.

Why Attend MISTI Cyber Security World 2017. Here are few of many reasons


Up-to-date Information
Gain actionable, current information addressing the underlying vulnerabilities introduced by insecurely architected systems today. Learn about tools and strategies that security practitioners can utilize to make advancements against malicious adversaries from subject matter experts.

Learning from your peers is just as important to expanding your knowledge as our expert break-out sessions. That’s why we’ve added even more networking breaks than before to facilitate informal brainstorming among you and your peers.

Additional Learning Opportunities
Join one of our pre-conference workshops to dive deep into specific technologies or management challenges in a collaborative, participatory way. 


A Fantastic Lineup of Speakers at MISTI Cyber Security World 2017

D Van Boven Cybersecurity World 2017 Speaker.jpg

Keynote Speaker
Darren Van Booven
CISO, Idaho National Labs

Let’s Get Critical: Executing the Nuclear Option for Next Generation Cyber Security

Keynote Speaker
Miki Calero
Veteran Public Sector CISO and Founder, Urbis Global LLC

Improving Cybersecurity Through Enterprise Risk Management


And many many more:

Brandon Archer | Information Security Architect, Adams County Government

Jon Clay | Sr Manager Global Threat Communications, Trend Micro

Ken Dunham | Sr Director of Technical Cyber Threat Intelligence, Optiv

Erik Goldoff | Principal Consultant, Symantec

Jacqueline Johnson | Head of IT Security Architecture, Nordea Bank


Cyber Security World 2017 News

Pen Testing is Dead. Long Live Pen Testing

By Mike Landeck | April 26, 2017

If you’re new to pen testing, everyone needs a little help getting started. For enthusiastic beginners who want a hands-on day of putting the building blocks in place to begin their pen testing journey, I have put together a fun and educational curriculum for a workshop at Cyber Security World 2017 to help people acquire some foundational skills to build upon. The class will use real software—not something created just to be hacked—and will walk students through how to perform a full inspection of the software, test it, and ultimately exploit it using the tools in Kali Linux.

I, along with my colleague, Brandon Archer, will provide step-by-step instructions that attendees can take back to their workplaces, begin performing rudimentary assessments, and use to grow their skills using templates that will be provided for documenting and reporting the findings.

Mike and Brandon will lead a workshop on Web Application Security Testing with Kali Linux at Cyber Security World on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

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If your are ready to register, use the code CYB17-ITSP.
It is your code to get the ITSPmagazine 20% event discount.