Vishal Gupta


CEO and founder of Seclore

As CEO and founder of Seclore, Vishal Gupta has lead Seclore from a niche Indian start-up to a global player in the Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) space, with more than 10 million users from 8,000 companies in 29 countries using the solution every day. Seclore partners with leading Silicon Valley tech giants, including an OEM agreement for Citrix’s ShareFile. Vishal is an IIT Bombay graduate and a specialist in biometric security systems. His ideation in fingerprint imaging led to the development of the core technology behind Herald Logic 2000. The company enjoyed a 220 percent compound annual growth rate, spreading to Singapore, Australia and UK. He has spoken at various industry events including Citrix Synergy 2016 and IBM Insight 2016.


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