Steve Platt


Group President, Decision Analytics & Data Quality, Experian

As Group President, Decision Analytics & Data Quality, Steve Platt leads a portfolio of businesses that enable clients to make the most insightful, confident and timely decisions for their customers. Data and analytics are at the cornerstone of those decisions, and Steve is committed to helping clients gain access to unique data assets, enhance them with powerful and predictive analytics, seamlessly integrate them into their operational processes and use them to make each and every customer interaction safe and valuable.

Since joining Experian six years ago, Steve has led several initiatives that have helped to shape the global Decision Analytics business. In 2011, he successfully launched the PowerCurve platform, now regarded as a global market leader in risk-decisioning software. The launch of the CrossCore platform in 2016 makes it possible for companies to access fraud and identity solutions - their own, Experian’s and even third-party capabilities - giving them more choice when building a layered approach to managing fraud risk.


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