Rusty Sailors


Chairman/CEO, LP3-SecurIT

Rusty serves as Chairman/CEO of LP3-SecurIT providing Secured IT services and Cyber Security Services to help keep Small and Medium sized businesses (SMBs) protected with solid security at an affordable price. Rusty also serves as the Chairman of the non-profit Protecting Tomorrow which has been helping to educate and protect students, families, and SMBs for several years. Protecting Tomorrow has recently announced the launch of the CYBER-3 initiatives here in the San Diego Region which include CYBER-911, CYBER-Academy and CYBER-Force. Protecting Tomorrow provides cyber security training and awareness for SMBs and facilitates exciting, educational, experience-based boot camps for high school students.

Rusty has over 40 years of experience across the DoD (Department of Defense), the IC (Intelligence Community), and Federal organizations. His areas of expertise include advanced cyber security intelligence and warfare, adaptive system architectures, computer network operations, information assurance, multi-level security solutions, cross-domain solutions, enterprise collaboration, modeling and simulation, knowledge management, data mining, information sharing, and architectural modernization and transformation. For 9 years, Rusty served as a Director in a very large defense contractor company leading the very successful design, build, integration & test and deployment of new high performance / high security systems at NSA. As a result of that high-impact work submitted to Congress, he was nominated by internal agency leaders to be on the Director of NSA’s Technical Advisory Panel. 

Also because of his impact at the agency, the NSA nominated Rusty to become the 2010 Fellow at the Gordon Center at the UCSD School of Engineering. He also serves on the Engineering Advisory Council and the Cyber Technical Advisory Panel for National University which is an NSA accredited Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Security.

Rusty also serves on the Executive Board for the San Diego Chapter of InfraGard which is the partnership between the FBI and industry focusing on protecting critical infrastructure. He is also a Terrorist Liaison Officer (TLO) and Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) with the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center (SD-LECC).

LP3 culture fully supports community involvement and support to warfighters and veterans. As a veteran, Mr. Sailors leveraged much of his military and post-military experience to serve for many years as the Battalion Chief for Special Operations for volunteer fire and rescue missions.


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