Prasanna Singaraju


Co-Founder & Chief of Engineering and Technology, Qentelli

Prasanna Singaraju is the Co-Founder and Chief of Engineering and Technology at Qentelli. A natural leader with a penchant for technology, Prasanna brings diverse experience which ranges from RF Engineering to Infrastructure - Data Center and Unified Communications toQuality Assurance, Product and Project Management. An ardent follower of technology, Prasanna believes in sustainable innovation and value driven solutions and service delivery. At Qentelli, Prasanna heads Engineering Services, Solutions and Service Delivery and the Innovation Group.

Passionate for innovation and application engineering, Prasanna explored several avenues to minimize the wait times in the software engineering lifecycle and ways to elevate quality. He quickly understood that DevOps was only a buzzword at most enterprises and the true benefits of such approaches would only come from forklift changes to culture, mindset and a top down directive. Qentelli was born on the philosophy ofleveragingthe core engineering principles that software was to be built on, taking it to the extreme agile and DevOps world. Thus, quality engineering through intelligence is the name of the game at Qentelli.

Prasanna leads the Innovations Group with a passion and takes a hands-on approach to design, architect and implementation of the products and solutions delivered by the team.

Prior to Qentelli, Prasanna built and led the enterprise solutions practice for the largest testing services company in North America and powered the sales teams and the company to $100M. Prior to which Prasanna served in various capacities for a systems integrator and world leader in IT including infrastructure Implementation, project, product and program management and customer support.


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