Lisa Chu


Roaming Illustrator Reporter, ITSPmagazine

Lisa is an artist, illustrator and visual storyteller currently based in Half Moon Bay, California. She was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, and educated at Harvard University (A.B. in Biochemical Sciences) and at University of Michigan Medical School (M.D.). After realizing that medicine was not her passion, and life is too short and too good, she embarked on the adventure of learning new things. That list of things has included time as a junior partner in a venture capital firm, moving to California to start and grow a violin school in Silicon Valley, training as a life coach and sound healer, traveling to Bali, Laos, and Thailand to study bodywork, working briefly at REI and on an organic farm, and switching from lifelong classical music training to improvisation as part of an acoustic rock duo, performing live in a variety of public venues. Lisa most enjoys her work as a storyteller and listener, as it allows her the most freedom to express in words and images what she observes and experiences in the wide, colorful world. She also likes hiking, backpacking, biking, and backyard chickens.


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