Johan Wendt


Founder of Mattecentrum, Founder of Kodcentrum

Johan Wendt is a social entrepreneur and lecturer. He founded the nonprofit associations Mattecentrum and Kodcentrum and has received several awards for his work on reaching out to children and young people who need help with mathematics teaching.

After one of the neighbors' children asked if he could help her study for a matric test, Johan discovered that he really enjoyed helping her with the mat. A week later, the girl told him that she had received VG on her test  –  and never believed that someone like her could earn such good grades. She continued to come over to his house, sometimes bringing siblings or friends, and Johan suddenly felt that he was doing something good. From the idea that everyone is entitled to free help with math, regardless of background, gender, age or level of knowledge, Johan started the Scandinavian social enterprise Mattecentrum.

Johan also wrote a book about how he put his career as an engineer aside to start a nonprofit organization, called The Dumbest Damn Idea I've Ever Heard: About Matt Center - A Guide to Social Entrepreneurship. In addition to his work teaching children programming, Johan, together with Tor Moström, wrote the Curly Bracket series. The books take place in a dystopian future, and through an exciting adventure, the reader gets to learn computer logic, a collection of methods and tools for problem solving that is the basis of all programming.

He is the founder of Europe’s largest after-school program where one million children per month are tutored for free in coding and mathematics. He lives in Sweden and is the father of twin girls.


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