Jessy Irwin


Security Researcher

Jessy Irwin is a researcher focused on translating complex cybersecurity issues into simple, relatable terms for non-experts and non-technical audiences. As a consultant and security executive, Jessy focused on consumer education about personal security. In her work as as Security Evangelist at 1Password, she extended her interest in authentication to focus on personal security and passwords, and raised public awareness of student privacy and security issues in education. Irwin has a wealth of experience in startup, agency and freelance environments where she gained over eight years of experience leading strategy for technology companies in communications, content, community, and media relations. Her current areas of interest include making security more accessible for the average user, and building proactive security strategies for consumers, policymakers, and businesses of every size. Irwin regularly writes and presents internationally on human-centric security education and security communication at events including O’Reilly Security, RSA Conference, and Shmoocon. Her work has appeared in CSO Online, VICE Broadly, Mashable, Techcrunch, and CNN. 

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