Coty Sugg


Corporate Communications Manager, T.E.N.

Coty Sugg is currently the Corporate Communications Manager for T.E.N., an information security executive networking and relationship-marketing firm. In this position, Coty is responsible for the planning and execution of T.E.N.’s PR, marketing and communications. Much of his time is also spent researching and reading up on the latest news and developments in the world of information security as it relates to new security providers and solutions as well as current security threats and industry needs. Prior to this, he worked with the Georgia-based Lancope, now a part of Cisco, as a knowledge steward and marketing writer. Over the last several years, Coty has gained a fascination for learning as much as he can about information security and often spends his spare time analyzing and researching this field, reading industry reports, whitepapers, and InfoSec blogs whenever he can.


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