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Arleena Faith studies Software Engineering at the Harvard University Extension School, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Twice NASA intern and graduate from the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholar (NCCAS) workshop (Fall 2014), Arleena is looking to make a difference in the world of Software Security. She started her cyber-journey as a Junior Web Developer for a small company in Manhattan Beach in late 2009. In 2013, Arleena became CompTIA Security+ certified and in January 2017, she earned a Professional CyberSecurity Certificate diploma after completing a 4-course, graduate program at Harvard University. Presently, Arleena Faith leads a Software Security Initiative (SSI) within IPG Mediabrands, an agency owned by a giant of the Advertisement Industry: The Interpublic Group (IPG). She has been an active member of the ISSA and OWASP for several years, while simultaneously engaging in many activities related to Security and volunteering yearly as a Linux Proctor for the LinuxFest class at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE).


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Arleena Faith shares her story, telling Sean Martin how she joined the ranks in cybersecurity

In this special episode of An InfoSec Life, Sean Martin has the pleasure of speaking with Arleena Faith, a software security professional, an application security advocate, and active member of the ISSA and OWASP communities. During their chat, Arleena tells us about her journey into cybersecurity, touching on some of the key milestones she reached, the challenges she faced, the associations and individuals that gave her hope and support along the way, and a view into her current role. A truly gifted and inspirational individual whose goal is to raise awareness for cybersecurity, Arleena is on a mission to raise the bar when it comes to software security, helping organizations recognize the importance and value of a secure software development lifecycle. We hope you enjoy listening to her story as much as Sean enjoyed capturing it.

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