KJ Dearie


Product Specialist & Privacy Consultant, Termly

KJ Dearie is a product specialist and privacy consultant for Termly. She works with small business owners and marketers to ensure that they’re putting their best foot forward when it comes to legal compliance and customer relations. Lately, her focus has been on the GDPR and the rapidly changing landscape of data privacy.


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Moshe Elias


Director of Product Marketing, Allot Communications

Moshe Elias is Director of Product Marketing at Allot Communications, a provider of security and monetization solutions that enable service providers to protect and personalize the digital experience.

Elias currently focuses on marketing security solutions for consumers and businesses to protect against cyber threats. Prior to his current role, he held management positions at Cisco Systems and Checkpoint in engineering, business development, and sales.

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Matthew Davis


Writer, Future Hosting

Matthew Davis works as an inbound marketer and blogger for Future Hosting, a leading provider of VPS hosting.

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Phil Gardner


Founder & CEO, IANS Research

Having built IANS’ end user research offering, Phil Gardner now oversees all strategic and operational decisions at IANS. He began his career in security with seven years with the U.S. Navy as a Strike Fighter Pilot & Ordnance Requirements Officer.

After receiving a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, Phil joined Goldman, Sachs & Co. in Mergers & Acquisitions and later became an associate with McKinsey & Company in Boston, MA. In 1996, he became one of the founders of Provant, Inc., a publicly traded training company serving the Fortune 1000 and Federal Government. He left Provant in 2000 to launch IANS.

Phil is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Harvard College. He graduated at the top of his class in U.S. Navy Flight School.

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Nilesh Dherange


CTO, Gurucul

Nilesh Dherange is CTO of security analytics vendor Gurucul, and an expert on identity, data science and machine learning. Nilesh was an integral member of identity technology vendor Vaau, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems. He also co-founded BON Marketing Group and created BON Ticker — a predictive analytics tool for online advertising.


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Oren Falkowitz


CEO, Area 1 Security

Oren J. Falkowitz is a co-founder and CEO of Area 1 Security, a cloud-based cybersecurity firm that stops phishing. Prior to joining the private sector, he served at the National Security Agency and United States Cyber Command.

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Rick Costanzo


CEO, Rank Software

Rick Costanzo is CEO of Rank Software, an AI security platform provider.

With more than 25 years in senior management roles at RIM/BlackBerry, AT&T, SAP, and Kodak Alaris, Rick is an experienced business leader and global technology executive with a proven track record in start-ups, business transformation and scaling business operations. As President & GM of Kodak Alaris Information Management, Rick successfully returned the business to the leadership position in its core market while undertaking extensive business transformation and achieving double digit earnings growth.  

As EVP and General Manager of SAP Telco Industry and HCP/Mobile Solutions, Rick led an integrated global team of sales, services, enablement, and solutions management experts across the SAP portfolio for the fast growth telecommunications industry and HANA Cloud Platform solutions. Rick built BlackBerry’s business in Europe and in Latin America from the ground up and achieved triple digit percentage - billion dollar+ - revenue growth during his time with the company. 

He holds an honors degree from the University of Toronto, is a member of the Institute of Directors for the United Kingdom, and is an inventor. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for Logisense. Rick speaks fluent Italian, Spanish, French, and English.

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Ed Gorczyca


Chief Compliance Officer, Optimal IdM

Ed Gorczyca has over thirty years of experience in the compliance and IT industry and currently is the Chief Compliance Officer at Optimal IdM, an Identity and Access Management software provider.


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Gretel Egan


Brand Communications Manager, Wombat Security

Gretel Egan is Brand Communications Manager for Wombat Security, a division of Proofpoint and the leading provider of cybersecurity awareness training software that helps organizations educate employees. She has extensive experience in researching and developing cybersecurity education content and was named one of “10 Security Bloggers to Follow” by IDG Enterprise.

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Michael Stolarczyk


VP Sales and Business Development, Cloud Services, Veristor Systems Inc.

Michael Stolarczyk is the Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Cloud Services for Veristor. In this role, Michael is driving the future growth and expansion of Veristor's Cloud Services Practice. He joined Veristor from Microsoft where he was Senior Director, Global Logistics Asia.

Prior to his position with Microsoft, Michael served in various C-level roles with Southern Towing Corporation, Ports America, Kontane Logistics, A.P. Moller Maersk Group and Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority. Among his accomplishments, he was recognized by Fast Company Magazine's debut list of "Fast 50: Global Innovators Whose Achievements Helped Change Their Company or Society," and is the published author of "Logical Logistics – A Common Sense Primer for Your Supply Chain." 

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Frédéric Vezon


Co-founder, ASPertise

Frédéric Vezon is President and co-founder of ASPertise. After graduating from higher education establishments ("Grandes écoles"), he held several management positions in major French banking groups and Canadian investment funds. Frédéric has gained extensive experience internationally and has created several technology companies in France, the United States and Canada.

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Jeremy Wittkop


CTO, InteliSecure

Jeremy Wittkop is CTO at Denver-based InteliSecure, where he leads a team that investigates and ensures the integrity and functionality of every custom solution designed for clients. Jeremy focuses on evaluating potential new offerings for InteliSecure clients, developing solutions that address the new and ever-changing security risks to the enterprise.

He previously served as Director of Sales Engineering at InteliSecure, where he was responsible for building and leading the solution engineering team to support InteliSecure’s portfolio of managed security services, consulting services, technical services and product solutions.

Prior to joining InteliSecure, he served as a field service technician and maintenance mechanic team lead with General Dynamics. Jeremy also served as a field service technician/armor crew member with the U.S. Army and brings depth, insight and unique perspective to today’s evolving security threats. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Colorado State University.

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Ryan Wilk


Vice President of Delivery, NuData Security

Ryan Wilk is the Vice President of Delivery for NuData Security, now a MasterCard company. Previously, he was manager of Trust and Safety at StubHub and spent eight years with Universal Parks & Resorts in various e-commerce roles.

NuData Security predicts and prevents online fraud, protecting businesses from brand damage and financial loss caused by fraudulent or malicious attacks. NuData Security analyses and scores billions of users per year and services some of the largest e-commerce and Web properties around the globe.

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Isaac Kohen


Founder and CEO, Teramind 

Isaac Kohen is the founder and CEO of Teramind, an employee monitoring and insider threat prevention platform that detects, records and prevents malicious user behavior, in addition to helping teams to drive productivity and efficiency.


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Neill Feather


President, SiteLock

Neill Feather is the president of SiteLock, the leading provider of website security solutions for business, where he leads the company's approach to 360-degree domain security by providing industry analysis and utilizing rapidly evolving data sets related to security and hacking trends.

Neill has over 20 years of experience in the technology and systems industry, notably providing technology solutions and industry insights for Johnson & Johnson prior to joining SiteLock. He holds B.S. degrees in Statistics & Information Systems and International Business from the Pennsylvania State University, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.


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Jonathan Nguyen-Duy


VP, Strategic Programs, Fortinet

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy is Vice President, Strategic Programs at Fortinet, where he focuses on emerging technologies and key partnerships. He has unique global government and commercial experience with a deep understanding of threats, technology, compliance and business issues. Previously, Nguyen-Duy was Security CTO at Verizon Global Security Services.

Before joining Verizon, he served with the U.S. Foreign Service, gaining more than 15 years of security and BCDR/COOP experience around the world. Nguyen-Duy holds a BA in International Economics and an MBA in IT Marketing and International Business from the George Washington University.


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Steve Kelly


President, Intego

Steve Kelly is President of Intego & Flextivity and has been a visionary leader in the software and technology industry for nearly 25 years with experience in both early phase start-ups and some of the largest public companies. In 1995, Steve was a co-founder at Kaspia Systems (Enterprise Network Management software), which was acquired by Visio in 1998.

At Visio and ultimately Microsoft, he was a leader in defining and developing new enterprise management products and driving simple yet powerful products for IT professionals. At Microsoft, Steve moved to the office of the CTO on the Strategic Prototyping team and helped the CTO illustrate and drive the future of what technology can enable in the everyday world.

Steve joined Pure Networks in 2006 to help drive the adoption of Pure Networks platform technology, and he was a key contributor to the acquisition of Pure Network by Cisco in 2008. At Cisco, Steve was leading the effort in defining consumer networking strategy. He joined Intego in 2011 as Vice President of Engineering prior to assuming the role of President. Steve holds multiple technology patents and has created and shipped multiple consumer and enterprise software products.

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Mo Cashman


Principal Engineer, McAfee

Mo Cashman is a passionate cybersecurity leader. As a principal engineer at McAfee, Mo inspires our next-generation security professionals, helps drive company technical strategy and advises our largest global customers on cybersecurity strategy and business resilience.

Mo’s mission is to change the way we think about, measure and operate security systems. Fueled by that passion and more than 20 years of experience, Mo leads solution architects as well as development efforts in security effectiveness testing, value measurement and integrated security system design. In previous roles at McAfee, Mo was the Chief Security Officer for the Global Public Sector. Prior to joining the company, he led a large computer security incident response team, detecting and responding to sophisticated cyberthreats across the world.


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Chris Amery


Vice President, Axio

Chris Amery is Vice President, Professional & Financial Services for Axio


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Dr. Eric Cole


CEO, Secure Anchor

Dr. Eric Cole is CEO of Secure Anchor, former CTO of McAfee and Lockheed Martin, member of the Commission on Cyber Security for President Obama, the security advisor for Bill Gates and his family, and author of a new book, Online Danger: How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From the Evil Side of the Internet

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