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Can you believe that the radio is on the Internet? Who would have guessed? It seems like just yesterday that we had to play with a knob to tune in to our favorite station to hear our favorite shows. It was an intimate and personal relationship with the media; with the DJ or the talk show hosts. It was news, entertainment, and companionship. The radio was a good friend. 

Well, technology has really gone a long way, hasn't it? The radio is still a good friend, in many cases, it just looks a little different than what it used to. Still, we want and need that human feeling, that material touch, that personal connection with 'things'—even with digital ones; even in this cyber society we now live in. And that is why the radio is still around, why books are still on the shelf, and why vinyl has made a comeback.

As you have probably noticed, at ITSPmagazine we have a soft spot for traditional mass media—they way things used to be. And yet, while we still cover the information security industry in written form, we recently realized that we love to talk about cybersecurity and society as much as we love to write about it.

We hope you enjoy and share our conversations.

Thank you for listening.

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ITSPmagazine is, and will always be a free publication

Our mission is to raise awareness for cybersecurity by making it understandable, accessible, and part of everyone’s everyday life

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