Unusual Gathering | Episode XXXI | Rick McElroy, Chris Roberts, Shira Rubinoff, Gabe Lawrence

Conversations At The Intersection Of Technology, CyberSecurity And Society.

Rick McElroy | Chris Roberts | Shira Rubinoff | Gabe Lawrence

Sean Martin | Marco Ciappelli

ITSPmagazine’s Unusual Gatherings XXXI:
It’s TomorrowLand 2 — And The Band Is Back Together!

This Unusual Gatherings Talk Show is one that many people have been looking forward to—just as we were looking forward to it ourselves. It’s the sequel to the original conversation we filmed at RSAC in 2018 and the one we shot in Las Vegas 2018. They were called Tomorrow Land, and there is a reason for this naming; we talk about what the future might, or might not look like, what is driving us as a society in that direction, and is that the direction we want to go if we can have our say about it. 

Are we looking at Utopia or Dystopia?

What can we do as professional and humans to ensure the best possible outcome and prevent the worst outcome?

In this episode—which we even further extended based another conversation that was lead by our good friend Chris Roberts and that also included another good friend, Shira Rubinoff—is quite unique because we talk about technology focusing on humanity.

Who makes technology anyway? 🤔

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