Unusual Gathering | Episode XXIV | Guests Diana Kelley, Priscilla Koepke, Ann Cleaveland

Conversations At The Intersection Of IT Security And Society
Part Of Our RSA Conference | San Francisco 2019 Coverage

Diana Kelley | Priscilla Koepke | Ann Cleaveland

Marco Ciappelli

This Episode:

Tomorrow starts today. Cybersecurity Futures 2025.

This panel was recorded on the Moscone Center floor during RSA Conference 2025. It follows a Pre-Conference podcast with panelists Dawn Thomas and Alan Cohn and the actual presentation that took place the day before this recording.

The project “Cybersecurity Futures 2025” is a collaboration between the University of California, Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) and CNA’s Institute for Public Research, conducted in partnership with the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Cybersecurity (2016-2018) and the Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity.

If this topic doesn’t fit right At The Intersection Of IT Security And Society I am not sure what else could.

It is an exciting time to be alive with so many incredible scientific and technological advancements in every area of our lives, with states interacting together and cultures mixing in a global boundary-less cyberspace.

It is also a dangerous time to be alive in this new technological era where cybersecurity issues encompass every area of our lives and affect geopolitical dynamics, and the way societies evolve.

The decisions we are making today about technology interacting with humans are going to affect our society in 2025 and way beyond that time. 

It is now that we must force ourselves to think about fundamental philosophical questions and come up with good answers and courses of action, because those, or the lack of those, are already affecting us now and will affect us even more in our future.

For this panel I invited Ann Cleaveland, (CLTC Executive Director), Diana Kelly (Microsoft), and Priscilla Koepke (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to recap the research and discuss what the biggest challenges, fears, and possible solutions to the four presented scenarios are.

Scenario 1 — Quantum Leap

Scenario 2 — The New Wiggle Room

Scenario 3 — Barlow’s Revenge

Scenario 4 — Trust Us

Are we looking at a dystopian, a utopian or a realistic future that we can shape making the right choices today?

You decide. Literally, you, they, and we.
We can decide, all together if we act now.

This is just a starting point.

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