Unusual Gathering | Episode XVI | Guests Kika von Klück And Thom Langford

Conversations At The Intersection Of IT Security And Society

Kika von Klück | Thom Langford

Sean Martin | Marco Ciappelli

This Episode:

Advertising, Branding, Marketing, and Privacy in the Cyber Society

On today's podcast we talk about branding, advertising, and marketing in the age of Big Data, Internet of Things, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and, of course, the World Wide Web — the primordial soup that has given life to this Cyber Society of ours.

More than one hundred years ago, John Wanamaker, an American merchant and political figure, considered by some to be a proponent of advertising and a "pioneer in marketing," proclaimed:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

So, where do we stand today?



Here is a taste of the questions we tried to answer in this lively conversation:

Did we resolve this century-old problem with technology or are we still wasting about half of the pie, with the only difference being that now we know where — and how — we are wasting it?

Has creativity in advertising lost center stage, replaced by cold numbers and algorithms? Or do they work together for better results?

Artificial Intelligence, together with humans, is already creating interesting art — can it become part of the creative process to help us expand it?

As interactivity and micro-targeting can offer value by reaching the consumer at the right time for the product or service that is needed or desired, how much deeper can the mind be manipulated — or is already? — to create those needs and desires by giving the illusion of free will to the consumers?

If the arrival of online advertising, big data and social media was an advertiser’s dream come true, the latest calls for privacy, transparency, diversity, trust and ethics are reshaping the scenario. But what does the final shape look like?

Listen up and find out how we think we could balance creativity, technology, convenience, and respect for the consumers.

BTW, we had a good time and we hope you enjoy this conversation!

Thanks to the ITSPmagazine team for bringing you this event 🤔

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