Unusual Gathering | Episode XI

Conversations At The Intersection Of IT Security And Society

Katie Linendoll | Arthur Hicken (The Code Curmudgeon)

Marco Ciappelli | Sean Martin

This Episode:
🎅Cyber Santa And The Unexpected Effects Of IoT Toys And Gadgets 🧸

The good — and the bad — of Internet-connected toys and gadgets. There is a balance.

Just because something can be connected to the Internet doesn't mean it should be.

We must stop, think, and learn about IoT devices before we buy them; especially when we give them to kids and elderly people. Is the value greater than the risk?

Katie tells us about her non-profit which uses tech gadgets to help kids in hospitals.

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Guests’ Resources:

Katie’s website with links to all she does

Arthur’s website and the IoT Wall Of Shame