ITSPmagazine Talk Show | Episode V | Guests Shaggy, Chris Roberts, Gabriel Lawrence

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to TomorrowLand!

Recorded in Las Vegas


Smart cities, smart homes, smart cars.
But how about smart people?

”Shaggy” (somewhere secret)
Chris Roberts (Chief of Adversarial Research and Engineering at LARES)
Gabriel Lawrence (GM–Cybersecurity Protection Toyota North America)

Selena Templeton, Marco Ciappelli, and Sean Martin

Watch and listen to this episode of ITSPmagazine’s Unusual Gathering to hear how we are living the future, now, even if we don’t realize it, like it, or care.

Here are some of the things we covered during this conversation:

Is technology advancing faster than we are and what is the ethical aspect of rapidly evolving/expanding technology and AI?

The narrowness of ‘personalized’ algorithms and unconscious bias in coding and technology and the importance of diversity in tech and coding.

If you can’t find information by Googling it, does it exist for most people?

Technology is moving and evolving at such a fast rate, but are we filling our time with doing meaningful things or just becoming more addicted to it?

What is consciousness?

Do we care that we are heading into a dystopian tomorrowland where technology/AI becomes the boss?

How long will it be before the choice to use technology goes away? Has that choice already been taken away from us (i.e. can you buy anything, like a car or medical devices, that is not highly technical/IoT connected)?

People don’t generally think of the consequences of AI and technology because they’re so enamored by the benefits.

Notable Quotes:

90% of people don’t care [about the consequences or dangers of tech], they just want it to work. Is that acceptable, or do we have to do something about it?
— Chris Roberts
Here’s what keeps me up at night. Because AI is always listening, this is creating a feedback loop where each being fed back what it just spat out. And that’s dangerous because it cubbyholes us. The next thing on my Instagram should have been a far-off place that I haven’t thought of yet, but instead it’s an ad for the same thing I just talked about 5 minutes ago.
— "Shaggy"
You know that you’re getting targeted ads, but the fact that you’re getting targeted news [is dangerous].
— Gabriel Lawrence
[When it comes to technology,] we don’t always get the negatives during the conversation, especially when we’re talking about medical devices, [only the benefits].
— Sean Martin
If you...make your daily routine easier [with technology] and you free your time, a smart society will then use that time to do something better…. So why, instead of taking advantage of this supercomputer in your hand, are we making emojis with poop on it?
— Marco Ciappelli
In people’s small worlds where they think that their world is THE world, they’re no longer questioning anything that’s outside of that; they just assume that this is 100% of the information, and they’re no longer wondering ‘Is Google showing me everything that’s out there?’
— Selena Templeton

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