ITSPmagazine Talk Show | Episode IV | Guests Gary Hayslip, Karen Worstell, Chad Loder

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, Is an InfoSec Life For Me?

Recorded in Las Vegas


There are things that must be said about this industry
and we are going to say them.

Gary Hayslip (CISO, Webroot) [not pictured]
Karen Worstell (CEO at W Risk Group)
Chad Loder (Founder, Habitu8)

Selena Templeton and Sean Martin

Watch and listen to this episode of ITSPmagazine’s Unusual Gathering to hear how our InfoSec community is coping with the stress and fatigue that comes with the job and often follows us home to our family.

Here are some of the things we covered during this conversation:

To be a more effective CISO, you need to nurture relationships, be able to talk to people, and work together.

The irony of success in cybersecurity is that if you’re doing things right, you’re invisible.

One of the issues in this industry is that people are unable to see their career path.

A job in cybersecurity is basically 24/7, so how do you cope with that – the hamster wheel, the dark side, the defender fatigue?

Balancing your work life and personal life is crucial: faith, exercise, time off, healthy personal relationships, good community, open-minded management, being able to talk it out.

Everybody should have a mentor, someone who’s got their back.

Leadership is a key point up and down the chain.

Despite the difficulties, a career in cybersecurity is definitely worth it.

Notable Quotes:

What I like now about the industry is there’s more focus on people, there’s less room for black and white thinking, it’s less acceptable to be this snarky technical expert who acts like an asshole, who just tells people what they’re doing wrong.
— Chad Loder
Every single human being has a moment where they go ‘Man, I suck. I’m not up for this, I can’t do this, something’s wrong with me’. When you see a task in front of you that’s so big you think it can’t be done, it’s probably just about the right size for you. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it.
— Karen Worstell
A very close friend of mine had a heart attack and died at the age of 52. He was a CISO. My own doctor told me that if I did not leave my job he expected me to be dead because of the stress.
— Gary Hayslip
There’s something really powerful in [knowing]: ‘I’m not the only one, I’m not going crazy, I’m not less than, I’m not incompetent.’
— Selena Templeton
Teach everyone how to monitor their own battery meter [to prevent burnout].
— Chad Loder
The number one symptom of burnout is cynicism.
— Karen Worstell
The biggest thing is being involved in the community, talking to someone. You’re not in this alone.
— Gary Hayslip
How do we spot the signs that are troubling folks? Can we biohack a battery meter into all of us?

— Sean Martin

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