ITSPmagazine Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities 

ITSP Brand Awareness and Asset Promotion Package

This discounted package includes a variety of ITSPmagazine activities and deliverables designed to be extremely effective over a period of time and offered at a very attractive, reduced rate.

For the duration of the campaign, ITSPmagazine will offer promotional activities for your branded content and marketing assets via multiple initiatives focused on raising awareness and credibility.

Below you will find the activities and deliverables included in the promotional package, with discounts offered for longer subscriptions.

As a bonus, your company will get a 10% discount on all other ITSPmagazine sponsorship and advertising offers during the duration of your program.

Your Discounted Package Includes:

Advanced Company Listing
Advanced Company Page for the duration of your campaign.

Asset Promotions
1 active promotion for a paper, case study, report, video ad, or other provided asset.
For the duration of your campaign.

Newsletter Sponsorship
2 monthly ITSP newsletter sponsorships. This also includes your logo on the homepage of the newsletter recap.
For the duration of your campaign.

Social Media Exposure
Extended social media exposure.
For the duration of your campaign.

Total monthly value = $3,150


3 Month Package | $2,000 /month

Save $3,450

6 Month Package | $1,500 /month

Save $9,900

12 Month Package | $1,000 /month

Save $25,800


Campaign Purpose

While ITSPmagazine’s efforts will certainly drive visitors to lead-generating assets, this is not a lead-oriented program in the sense that ITSPmagazine does not commit to generating any specific number of leads with this campaign.

Campaign Creative and Content
ITSPmagazine will leverage the client’s existing content (messaging and creative elements) to create the ads used during this engagement, including all of the elements used to develop the client’s company directory listing. All content and creative elements are to be provided by the client. 
Creative services available upon request.

Promotional Assets
All promotional assets that will be used as part of the campaign are to be provided by the client.
Content development services available upon request.

If you would like to discuss a custom package, we should have a conversation.