The Business Impact of Poor Website Usability, Performance, or Security.

Tin Zaw, Director Security Solutions, Verizon Digital Media Services
Laz, InfoSec Strategist and Professor
Edward Roberts, Director of Product Marketing, Distil Networks

Sean Martin, CISSP, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, ITSPmagazine

The goal for the discussion was to bring the conversation up a notch or two to focus on the business impact of poorly-defined and implemented networks and related security controls. In support of this, the panel of experts discussed the following topics:

  • Common business scenarios impacted by bad or other undesired traffic
  • What happens when things go badly: retail, healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, and technology
  • Gaining an understanding of the source of traffic: good humans, malicious humans, good bots, bad bots
  • The top 4 attributes of a public-facing web portal that means two things:
  1. Your site looks tasty to a bot
  2. It's pretty much guaranteed you have a bot running on your site


In addition to the in-depth conversation, the experts provided some tips for building out a full stack web deployment that can recognize and handle all sorts of traffic hitting your business:

Laz: Invest in application security and system penetration tests in the context of the business and the business processes that support the business

Tin: Baseline your network traffic and invest in real-time monitoring by experts that can identify the trends and predict a situation before it is too late

Edward: Leverage tools and processes and partners to help you ensure that the "thing" sitting on the other side of the browser is, in fact, a legitimate human being

E-commerce, partner portals, customer service portals, and other cloud-enabled business services: Websites are the new front door to many businesses, and we expect to gain access whenever we want, from anywhere in the world, and from any device.

But what happens to the business when the website doesn’t perform as expected? And how do you protect your website(s) from nefarious traffic looking to harm your business by bringing it down, scraping content, changing content? Do you know whether your traffic is a human user - or is it a bot? Does the language (or a lack of communication whatsoever) between the business and the IT personnel leave you wondering what the potential issues might be?

During this expert panel discussion, we will explore the business impact of an underperforming or compromised website. You will: 

  • Learn more about what good website performance look likes
  • Gain a deeper understanding of traffic on websites
  • Understand how your website's performance affects other departments within the business
  • Hear practical recommendations for business leaders on how to protect your website from compromise