Password Risks, Password Management, Two-Factor Authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication, Biometrics | The Experts Chime In

Cassio Goldschmidt from Stroz Friedberg/AON, Art Poghosyan from Optiv, and Michael Cottingham representing the entertainment industry, join forces during this extremely informative Innovate Pasadena CyberSecurity Meetup. Hosted in the ADP Innovation Center and led by DatumSec's Michael Schell, the experts discuss access control risks, password management, and two-factor/multi-factor authentication.

Some of the questions answered include:

  • Why should people care that their personal email has been hacked?

  • What are some of the credential theft trends you are seeing and how do they impact consumers and businesses?

  • What are some best practices around password management?

  • What are your thoughts on two-factor and multi-factor authentication?

  • Any advice for password logging?

  • How does human behavior change the way you apply and monitor controls?