ITSPmagazine chats with Prevoty at AppSec California

ITSPmagazine meets up with Prevoty executives, Julien Bellanger, CEO, and Kunal Anand, CTO, to discuss diversity, education, and the Internet of Things.

Some of the main points covered during our chat:

  • Prevoty is diverse by nature, looking for the best talent and the talent is coming from every horizon.
  • Security awareness may be more effective if talked about as privacy vs security.
  • We have to practice good security hygiene; it may not come from security education.
  • We do not want to scare our kids nor over emphasize security, but they need to be aware that whatever data is generated on their side will be there for life.
  • We would be doing ourselves a disservice by saying you must have a degree in a certain field to work in security. It can come down to a matter of different talents and being security conscious. We as an industry have to do a better job at figuring out how to cultivate that talent.


Julien Bellanger
Co-Founder and CEO

Kunal Anand
Co-Founder and CTO