ITSPmagazine chats with Arthur Hicken, Chief Evangelist at Parasoft during AppSec California

ITSPmagazine meets up with Arthur Hicken, Chief Evangelist at Parasoft (also known as the @CodeCurmudgeon), to discuss diversity, education, and the Internet of Things.

Some of the main points covered during our chat:

  • Arthur promotes static analysis in a preventative manner, applied properly it can be used to change the way you construct and help people harden their code. 
  • Developers don't always understand the ramifications of errors in code.
  • We're putting security late in the cycle as if you can test security into something, and it's killing us.  
  • Securing devices can make you very paranoid but the truth is there are a few simple things you can do to have a much more secure life.

Arthur Hicken, Chief Evangelist, Parasoft