What Are Viruses, Malware And Ransomware? | Episode VII


Theme: Dissecting the Various Types of Threats

#7 What are Viruses, Malware and Ransomware?
#8 What is Phishing and Spear-Phishing?
#9 What is Social Engineering and Human Hacking?

A Cybersecurity Webinar For SMBs | Episode VII

We’ve been conditioned to buy “anti-virus” software with our computers pretty much since the dawn of consumer computing. So why is this a topic that warrants its own discussion? Because these little buggers have become so pervasive, so stealthy, and so clever, that organizations needs to understand what can happen if they become a victim of malware. This is especially true when we begin to look at viruses and malware that can effectively hold an organization’s data and system hostage — ransomware.

With this in mind, the big question that surfaces:
“Is anti-virus software an effective means to protect the business?”

Join us for this need-to-know webcast to learn:

What various types of malware exist
The purpose or objective behind the different types of malware; what are they after
How effective is anti-virus software in the grand scheme of things
When is it appropriate to pay a ransom to get your systems or data back

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Larry Whiteside Jr.


Greenway Health


Stacia Tympanick

Security Strategist

Carbon Black


Moderators and Guest Host


Sean Martin, CISSP



Marco Ciappelli



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