What It's Like For Veterans To Secure A Job In InfoSec

What It's Like For Veterans To Secure A Job In Infosec .jpg

In today’s episode, we are joined by Windle Riles, former US Marine and now an information security risk and governance analyst at Deloitte, along with Stephan Tallent, Sr. Director of Managed Security Service Providers at Fortinet and the Founder and executive sponsor of the Fortinet Veterans Program - aka Fortivets.

The 3 of us have a good chat, looking at what it’s like to transition, what some of the challenges are, and how combining military resources with commercial resources can make a huge difference in how a veteran presents his or herself to the hiring company. It can take a lot to adequately translate the value of military roles and experiences to make them relevant in the civilian and commercial space; this is precisely what FortiVets is helping with. And, as they are helping the veterans find good jobs in this field, they are also assisting numerous organizations (mostly MSSPs) find the best talent possible.

During our chat, Windle describes the value of the mock interviews employed as part of the FortVets program. These mock interviews--coupled with resume building support and a unique cover letter delivered in the form of a custom battle card created for each participant--help with the successful job hunting and hiring experience.

Stephan joins us to help us get a better picture of the FortiVets program, not just from the Veterans’ perspective, but also from the employers’ perspective. Stephan shares some of the key statistics--such as the diverse make-up of the program participants--along with some key findings where veterans not only find value in the program but also find the sense of camaraderie and purpose in their new cybersecurity role.

There’s a lot of good advice for veterans and employers alike. Hopefully, this podcast helps you and/or someone you know as the transition into civilian life is made.

Thanks to all that serve our country.

Happy Veterans Day.