Will Blockchain Be Or Not Be The Big Wave To Ride

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Guests: Simon Harman | Anthony Stevens
Host: Sean Martin

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In today’s episode, I am joined by two guests hailing from Australia — Simon Harman, project lead for the Loki project, and Anthony Stevens, Founder and CEO of Digital Asset Ventures.

Today’s topic is one that still gets a lot of attention, even if it seems to be overplayed in the media, the workplace, and in the venture world … blockchain.


We’re not talking about cryptocurrency here; we’re talking about the more generic topic of the distributed ledger, shared data management and scalable transaction capabilities offered by blockchain technology.

Of course, with the hype comes a lot of skepticism. And, with a lot of misunderstanding of what it is, comes a lot of questions. These things together make people and companies wonder what blockchain is, whether it provides value, and if it matters as a potential technological advancement for their programs and projects. Still, in many cases, people and companies alike are trying to adopt blockchain. Why?

We cover many things in this podcast, including:

  • What is blockchain and what can it be used for?

  • Is it so unique that there aren’t any alternative models?

  • Are there any real claims of success?

  • Are there false claims that need to be called out?

  • Are we looking to apply blockchain to well-known problems or are we trying to find unique problems to solve with blockchain?

  • Are there efforts taking place in Australia that differ from those taking place in the U.S.?

You might be surprised by Anthony and Simon’s take on why blockchain will (or won’t) be the next big wave of technology deployment in the near future. Where will it succeed? What will keep it from being ubiquitous?

Listen in to find out.

About Anthony Stevens
Founder and CEO of Digital Asset Ventures


Anthony Stevens is the founder and CEO of Digital Asset Ventures (DAV), a digital strategy and software development company. Anthony is also the co-founder of several start-ups, including cloud-based B2B commerce platform Devicedesk, and former Partner and Chief Digital Officer at KPMG. In 2018, Anthony published his first book, Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy, a comprehensive step-by-step guide to digital transformation, aimed at the leaders of pre-digital companies.

Find Anthony on Twitter: @antpstevens


About Simon Harman
Co-founder and Project Lead of Loki


Simon, Co-founder and Project Lead at Loki, has been heavily engaged in the blockchain industry since 2015, and before making the move into blockchain development. His broad skill set and adaptability has led him to be an influential member of the cryptocurrency scene. A recognised industry thought leader and blockchain expert, Simon played a role in the redesign and running of the Talk & Trade, a weekly discussion about current affairs within the blockchain and crypto industry, at the Blockchain Centre in Melbourne, assisting startups in educating themselves on blockchain technologies and its potential use cases.

Find Simon on Twitter: @SimonAHarman
View Simon’s profile here on ITSPmagazine