Why Is It So Hard To Break Into The Field Of Cybersecurity?

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By Sean Martin

Today I am joined by co-host, Selena Templeton, and we have the pleasure of chatting with Renee Small and Chris Foulon — co-hosts for the Breaking into Security podcast series. Today we’re talking about — you guessed it — why it’s so difficult to break in to the field of cybersecurity.

As we consider this topic, we have to ask ourselves some questions as we continue to hear the cries from the industry about the lack of InfoSec talent. So … why are we crying?

  • Is it that we are missing out on the opportunity to connect with potential candidates early enough or often enough?

  • Are we presenting the wrong message to those we connect with, leaving people to think that the only way in is through math and coding?

  • Or are we insisting on so many unnecessary restrictions and requirements — and therefore hurdles and filters — that we are essentially stripping down the pool of talent to a level that is sure to present a challenge?

Or perhaps there is another school of thought on this topic. Listen to this chat with Renee and Chris to hear what they have to say!

About Renee Small

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I help CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs build amazing security teams at Cyber Human Capital.

I am the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of Magnetic Hiring: Your Company's Secret Weapon to Attracting Top Cyber Security Talent & the CEO of an award-winning cyber human capital strategies company. I received the Stevie Award for 2017 Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

I'm the contributing editor for CISOMag, EC-Council's magazine targeted to CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs & the contributing editor for CyberCapital.us, Northern Virginia Technology Council's cyber security focused micro-site.

I help my clients win multiple hundred million dollar contracts by providing them with top, diverse talent. I'm passionate about helping CISOs solve their security talent challenges and helping talented cyber security professionals find their next dream job.

I'm fascinated by the insider threat. I'm curious as to why more companies don't leverage HR to partner with information security to prevent insider threats.

I have had the unique experience to recruit and build out multiple Fortune 500 cyber security groups and to also join the security team as a program manager and lead on the security monitoring team. I use this blended experience to help leaders build amazing teams and place top security professionals in their next dream job.

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About Chris Foulon

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I focus on helping to secure people and process with a solid understanding of the technology involved. I have 10+ years as an experienced Information Security Manager and Cybersecurity Strategist with a passion for customer service, process improvement and information security. Significant experience in optimizing the use of technology, while balancing the implications to people, process and information security by using a consultative approach.

Program Management with stakeholders in all levels of the organization and team to develop continuous improvement plans and change management strategy. Experienced in technical and analytical management of technology and services in retail, financial, banking and technology sectors. Requirements gathering, analysis and consultation for secure digital business transformation.

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