Why Do You Want To Get Into Information Technology? You’re A Girl

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By Selena Templeton, host of DiverseIT

Charity Pulliam and Kristi Pulliam chat with ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton on Diverse IT about the challenges of getting into the male-dominated IT field and how it takes just one person to believe in you to help you achieve your dreams.

Tune in to hear why Charity transitioned from the medical field to IT, how she navigates professional technology events when men get her number to offer her a job and wind up asking her out for a date, and how her passion for what she does gives her the strength to keep going in a field where she is often the only woman, person of color, and student.

Kristi shares how she got into the tech field just three years after she learned how to turn a computer on, what made her then do a 180-degree turn from cybersecurity to chaplain in the Air Force Reserve, and offers some specific advice for young women interested in the field.

Enjoy and share!

About the Guests

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Charity Pulliam is a Senior at the University of Minnesota and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Management. She graduated from high school at sixteen, served in the United States Air Force as a Flight Medic at seventeen, and was a Nationally Certified Advanced Emergency medical technician for almost ten years. After a spinal injury helped her view life differently, she decided to turn her passion for technology into her profession. After she graduates in May 2018, she plans to obtain a Master's in Cybersecurity to help fill the gap of minority women who hold leadership roles in technology.

She works as an IT specialist at Blue Marble Technology, is a founding member of Women in Wireless, and is co-chair of post-production alongside female technology thought leaders in Atlanta, GA. She also volunteers with the IT production team at Victory World Church Monitoring Master Control of all three campuses. She traveled to China and Japan for a technology-driven study abroad tour where she learned about the production of Anime at OLM Digital Studios and is currently a member of IT associations ISACA and Wireless Technology Forum where she acquires additional skills in cybersecurity and leadership.

Charity has a “don’t settle for less” attitude and loves the Mark Batterson quote, “You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”

[ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charitypulliam/ ]

Kristi Pulliam has over 12 years in the military, including a stint in cybersecurity for the Air Force Reserve, and has worked in several different IT fields as a programmer, hardware tech, software tech, and more. She obtained a Master's degree in Divinity at Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta, GA, and now serves as a Chaplain for the Air Force Reserve. Her goal as Chaplain is to serve and care for all through counseling, education, and promotion of healthy lifestyles, both spiritually and naturally.

[ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristi-pulliam-74a82228/ ]