We All Have A Role To Play In Risk Management. What's Your Role?


This episode of The Academy is made possible by the generosity of our sponsor, Graziadio School Of Business, Pepperdine University Cyber Risk Certification Program.

In today’s episode, Sean Martin is joined by 3 students that recently completed the Pepperdine Cyber Risk Certification Program course:

  • Lea Claveran, from Pecabar Holdings

  • Karen Mendoza from Nintendo of America

  • Randy Jackson, from the NFL

As part of the advisory board for the program, Sean has had a chance to meet some of the students throughout the various courses both online and on campus. However, Sean had yet to connect with a team that had completed the course to learn about their experience and how they were applying their learning to their jobs and careers. Please join the trio as they share their thoughts on:

  • The importance of cyber risk and making risk-based business decisions

  • How every employee and every individual needs to have cyber security and cybersafety measures in place

  • How the program resources and experience professors help them absorb the material in a meaningful way

  • And how the engaging, collaborative learning experience uses relevant, real-world situations to help them understand how emerging technologies may introduce risk but can also help to drive the top line without introducing an unacceptable amount of risk if managed properly

Listen in and enjoy!

About Karen Mendoza


Karen leads technology and operations for Nintendo's field merchandising team, which services 10,000+ retail stores throughout the U.S. She is passionate about people and processes and excels at leading teams through bold challenges. She has over 20 years of sales and marketing leadership experience in both private and non-private sectors, including companies such as Fox Interactive a / Fox Sports Interactive, Hayward Unified and Fremont Unified School Districts and UCLA Anderson School of Business. Karen earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. She also received an Executive MBA and Cyber Risk Professional Certification from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School in Malibu, CA. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis and photography, as well as traveling globally with her husband and two kids.

Find Karen on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/thekarenmendoza


About Randy Jackson


Once upon a time ministry had an interest for me but then I got an internal security job for an NFL team and 10 years later I’m still actively involved and employed with the same organization. I am happily married to an amazing woman for 3 months and some change and am Loving the new situation with our 2 dogs and a house we’re making into a home. Cyber security hold so much weight to the future of almost all business and so my desire was to learn more and grow my understanding of the risks and rewards. 

Find Randy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/randy-jackson-07a67759/


About Lea Claveran


Leonila Claveran is an entrepreneurial senior executive with visionary leadership.  Her strengths are strategizing, conceptualizing and spearheading start-ups within Fortune 200 companies as well as VC Start-Ups.  Ms. Claveran is the former Founder and CEO of SunGard Latino-America.  This is the Latin-American division of SunGard Availability Services an SBU of SunGard Data Systems. 

Find Lea on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lea-claveran-2018