Using A Slack Bot To Help With User-Based Security Decisions


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By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

In this episode, Sean Martin is joined by Dinis Cruz, the CISO for the Photobox Group, to talk about automating and scaling the end user security awareness decision-making process through the use of ChatOps — which is essentially the use of a chat platform and supporting technologies to operationalize and decentralize the sharing of information and decisions.

One key point that Dinis makes as he walks us through some real-world scenarios he is implementing is that security teams often make the mistake of trying to own everything. Dinis suggests that there is value in the security team focusing on demonstrating what can be done through a quick proof of concept and then to hand the project over to others within the organization that have the resources and deep skillsets to see the project reach its full potential.

There are a number of great nuggets in here from Dinis — we hope you enjoy the conversation.

Here’s the Twitter post that sparked this conversation:

If you want to check out the book Dinis is writing, you can find it here:

About Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is the CISO of the Photobox Group and is focused on creating an team and environment where security is an enabler and accelerator for the business, while securing and protecting the digital assets from existing threats.

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