The Value Of Mentorship: It Just Takes ONE Person To Encourage You

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By Selena Templeton

Sandy Carielli, Security Technologies Director at Entrust Datacard, chats with Selena Templeton, host of Diverse IT on ITSPmagazine, about education, mentorships and how to attract a wide range of people into the cybersecurity industry.

In my conversation with Sandy, she sheds some light on the differences in diversity between when she first started in the late 1990s and now. Her first job out of college was at BBN where there were a lot of women in that organization; her boss was a woman and her boss’ boss was a woman – and there were a lot more females in computer science programs in the early/mid ‘80s when the women she was working with were going through school. So she was actually surprised when, over the years, she stopped seeing those kinds of percentages that she thought was normal.

Having said that, Sandy prefers to focus on how we can attract a wide range of people into the industry and what might be holding people back. She had a lot of encouragement from a young age, even in elementary school – she loved math and was good at it, and her teachers and parents supported her.

That’s the common denominator I hear all the time on this podcast – that it just takes ONE person to encourage you.

Too often, without that support, kids simply don’t have the exposure to know that something is out there, that something is possible, and that they might be a good fit for it.

So tune in to hear her talk about mentorship – both in-house and independent of one’s company, being a mentee and speed mentoring (yup, you read that right!) – as well as improving cybersecurity job descriptions, including a wide range of people such as veterans with experience but no degrees, and the all-too-common imposter syndrome that’s so prevalent in InfoSec.

I hope you enjoy this conversation!

About Sandy Carielli

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Sandy Carielli, Director of Security Technologies at Entrust Datacard, has spent over a dozen years in the cybersecurity industry, with particular focus on identity, PKI, key management, cryptography and security management. As Director of Security Technologies for Entrust Datacard, Sandy guides the organization’s next generation security and technology strategy.

Prior to Entrust Datacard, Sandy was Director of Product Management at RSA, where she was responsible for SecurID and data protection. She has also held positions at @stake and BBN. She has been a speaker at RSA Conference, SOURCE Boston, the NYSE Cyber Risk Board Forum and BSides Boston. She has a Sc.B. in mathematics from Brown University and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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