The Value of Implementing a Company Security Culture

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By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

In this episode, Dinis Cruz, the Chief Information Security Officer at the PhotoBox Group out of London, joins Sean Martin to talk about risk management and the value of establishing a culture of security within the organization.

Managing risk is hard. Why? Because there are so many moving parts to an organization’s digital environment: networks, systems, applications, services/APIs, system/app managers, users - and, of course, the data. To complicate matters, there are often competing or contradictory elements within the business and market requirements.

So, how does an organization take managing risk and related vulnerabilities to heart while not crippling the business? Technology alone won’t do it. Tools won’t cut it. Throwing more people at it won’t do the trick either.

So, what’s the answer?

That’s where this conversation with Dinis comes in.

Dinis kindly shares his story of how he integrates information security and risk management into the everyday operations of the business — from the customer-facing properties all the way to the inner workings on the factory floor.

Reality is, as Dinis so eloquently stated during this chat, "if your board has not set data security as a priority - they are the ones that are going to get sacked." And, we know which way things roll: downhill, of course.

Now, it's time to get some culture in your company — and don’t get sacked, OK?

Here’s the LinkedIn post that sparked this conversation:

If you want to check out the book Dinis is writing, you can find it here:

About Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is the CISO of the Photobox Group and is focused on creating an team and environment where security is an enabler and accelerator for the business, while securing and protecting the digital assets from existing threats.

Find Dinis on LinkedIn.