The User Is The Weakest Link In CyberSecurity! Or, Is It?

The user IS the weakest link in cybersecurity! Or, is it?.jpg

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By Marco Ciappelli | Co-host Sean Martin
A conversation with Shira Rubinoff
Recorded at Black Hat USA 2018

How many time have we heard the tale of the lazy, careless and ignorant technology user?

“Humans are the reason why cybersecurity solutions do not work! We need to make solutions that protect the users without the users being involved in the process. Because as usual they will F it up!” Really?

Nice try, sales and marketing team.

Deflate your ego, cybersecurity team.

Here is - NOT REALLY - a secret for you: everyone cares about safety and security, and everyone is ignorant on every topic until they are educated about it, and nobody has ever educated the user on the subject of cybersecurity.

Well, at least not until recently, when cornered by the evidence that the assumption that technology would solve the cybersecurity problem was clearly wrong.

So in this podcast, recorded at Black Hat 2018 in Las Vegas, we are going to talk about the human element with someone who knows quite a bit about it: Shira Rubinoff, cybersecurity executive, advisor, speaker and an expert in the human factors of information technology and security.

In particular, in this podcast, we are going to discuss the topic as it relates to the small and medium business’s InfoSec reality.

When we address this category, the cybersecurity problem becomes even more “human” because the resources to invest in the technology that might help to shield the human error are very limited and the humans in these companies most of the time live the business and their personal non-business life on the same stage.

If you own, manage or work in any capacity at an SMB, I strongly encourage you to follow this conversation as you will get the big picture and you will also hear some basic cybersecurity advice that can be implemented right away.

Remember that you should use the cybersecurity solutions that are in your budget as they certainly can help your cybersecurity posture, but educating yourself and your employees is still critical.

As Bruce Schneier once wisely said “If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don't understand the problems and you don't understand the technology.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Let’s listen…

Enjoy the podcast, listen to it carefully, and share it recklessly! 

* If you have read my introduction above, you can go directly to the conversation by skipping ahead to 3':49'' - Enjoy!