The Most Important Thing For Any Business Is To Stay In Business

A conversation with Daniel Eliot | Director of Small Business Education at the National Cyber Security Alliance

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By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

At ITSPmagazine, we are dedicated to raising cybersecurity awareness and helping small and medium-sized businesses stay safe as they bring their businesses online. This is something we invest in all year long, but also take special care to help with some of the dedicated activities offered during National Cyber Security Alliance’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM).

Given today’s topic is all about SMB cybersecurity awareness, we are thrilled to have Daniel Eliot on today's show. Why? Because Daniel is the director of small business education at the National Cyber Security Alliance.

This episode is the second of 3 in a series. And, in today’s conversation, Daniel shares some of the misconceptions small and medium-sized businesses might have when it comes to protecting their systems, information, and even their capital from cybercrime and cyber fraud.

As Daniel emphatically points out, the most important thing for any business is to stay in business - and the need for cybersecurity becomes crystal clear and statistics show it’s harder for a small business to recover from a successful cyber attack.

With 30 some-odd million SMBs employing upwards of 60 million people in the US, it’s clear to us (and hopefully to you as well) that we need to do what we can to help each other stay safe as we stay online.

Daniel has a lot to share - and, given the theme of shared responsibility for the activities taking place this month as part of NCSAM - we hope that people not only listen to today’s episode but also take part and engage in helping to raise awareness with their colleagues, managers, business leaders, and even your partners.

Now on with the show!

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About Daniel Eliot


Daniel Eliot joined the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) in 2018 as director of small business programs. Daniel runs the CyberSecure My Business™ program, which is a comprehensive national program led by NCSA to help businesses of all sizes learn to be safer and more secure online.

Prior to his tenure at NCSA, he worked both within and in an advisory capacity to small businesses. Most recently, Daniel worked at the Delaware Small Business Development Center (SBDC) as the manager of technology business development. While there, he developed specialty programs to help small business start and scale.

He also created and managed SBIResource, a  program designed to help innovation-based companies apply to, and win, Small Business Innovation Research funding from 11 federal agencies. Daniel helped small start-ups access over $4.8 million in non-dilutive capital through this program.

Daniel received a letter of commendation from Governor John Carney’s Cyber Security Advisory Council for his efforts addressing cybersecurity awareness and education across Delaware. He holds a B.S. in education and a M.S. in adult education from Indiana University, Bloomington.

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