The Many Flavors Of SAST, DAST, IAST, WAFs, And RASP


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Nollaig Heffernan and Sean Martin weave, swerve and blast their way through a number of application security technologies looking at the history of the marketplace, the expansion of the technologies, how things stay the same even with the massive changes in continuous delivery and continuous integration.

Some of the acronyms the two unpack in this episode include SAST, DAST, IAST, WAFs, RASP and more. To make things even more interesting, many one of these, of course, have a variety of flavors to choose from.

One man’s SQL injection is another man’s cross-site scripting.
— Nollaig Heffernan
Is the long tail of AppSec actually a leg sticking out?
— Sean Martin

A lot is covered in this conversation. So… sit back, grab a notepad, and walk down our memory lane to the future of AppSec.

About Nollaig Heffernan

Nollaig Heffernan joined Waratek in 2010 where he was responsible for implementing and driving the Quality Assurance function for all products within Waratek. Today, Nollaig works very closely with the Sales & Marketing teams to ensure that new business development is realised and that the Waratek name and product set is always associated with excellence. Nollaig works closely with their prospects and customers, listening to and understanding their issues, identifying solutions and requirements and ensuring their needs are always met.

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