"The Internet Is Both a Wonderful But Dangerous Place" - Serena, 12 & 1/2 y.o.

By Serena, 12 & 1/2 Y.O.

In a recent article written by 12-and-a-half year old Serena L-G., she shared the following wisdom that should be heeded not just by parents, but by anyone and everyone connected to the Internet in any way.

The Internet is both a wonderful but dangerous place, with all its pros and cons. Most knowledge of the world can be accessed by any person with access to a computer and the Internet. We must use it with respect to outnumber the cons with its good qualities. We not only need to outnumber, but protecting it is the biggest priority. Practicing good online behavior is crucial to safely take advantage of all the online world has to offer.
— Serena L-G., 12-1/2 years old