The Influencing Power Of The Digital Hub Economies Is Only Just Starting To Become More Evident

The influencing power of the digital hub economies.jpg

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

The influencing power of the hub economies such as Facebook, Google, etc., is only just starting to become more evident — at least to the general populace. The influence of the Russian targeted ads and the related misinformation that, lately, have shaped our thinking is one of those prominent and revealing examples that influenced as much as 126 million US voters.

Furthermore, the ethics and morality are shaped by the human biases, and with AI becoming so widespread, one has to question: should algorithms evolve to eliminate, instead of reinforcing and amplifying these biases?

We explore these, and even thornier topics, in this 30-min podcast on The Moral Compass.

It is a fascinating and scary topic.

Listen, spread the word, and share your thoughts with us.