The Academy | A Conversation With Candy Alexander and Jon Oltsik

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By Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin

The InfoSec industry is made up of many driven, passionate individuals. Many, if not most, are working toward a common goal of keeping businesses and society safe from cybercrime and other malicious digital activity. The work can be rewarding, and the pay can be nice too. But passion, money, and drive can sometimes wear too thin when the job takes people to the edge of exhaustion and frustration. And, in some cases, getting stuck in a position that doesn’t show signs of growth—professionally and personally—can add to the stress and angst.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Instead, have a listen to our chat with Candy Alexander, President of ISSA International, and Jon Oltsik, Principal Analyst and Fellow at ESG, as they review some of the latest findings from their research report, The Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals (note: link opens a PDF in a new window).

During our chat, you’ll hear about the findings that declare education and training as critical elements necessary to succeed, long term, in the InfoSec industry.