Why Is The NHS WannaCry Ransomware Attack Bigger Than What it Seems? The Experts Chime In

A massive cyberattack seems to have caught the global corporate arena asleep at the wheel. What do some of the experts have to say about it?

#Vault7 Happened. There’s No Going Back. But We Do Have Tips.

As part of the original planning for the panel, I asked the experts to provide our audience with some actionable tips. This chronicle captures those tips. Enjoy!

What is Vault 7 - A Webinar with Chenxi Wang, Jason Haddix, and Gaurav Banga

On Friday March 17th, I moderated a BrightTalk panel with Jason Haddix, head of security research at Bugcrowd, and Gaurav Banga, former CEO of Bromium, on Wikileak’s Vault 7. This post is a summary of the points discussed on the panel.